टुकड़े, meaning snippets, are photographs of brief encounters with places. For each टुकड़ा or snippet,
the photographs are all made in and around a close radius, on the same day, a few seconds or minutes apart.


The way to the mandir at the peak of the mountain. Panchkula, India. 2021.

Houses and their ever-changing persona. Panchkula, India. 2021.

Near the Old Yamuna Bridge. Delhi, India. 2021.

Landscape triptych. Sawai Madhopur, India. 2021.

Surmounted ways. Nikhri, India. 2021.

On the Land of the Mahābhārata. Kurukshetra, India. 2021.

Story of a cold night. Gurgaon, India. 2020.

Entry points. Kasauli, India. 2020.

Blank faces. Panchkula, India. 2020.

Water, sky and death. Panchkula, India. 2020.

Nanu’s house. Panchkula, India. 2020.

Colours of the market. Panchkula, India. 2020.

In the dust of leaves. Gurgaon, India. 2020.

At a mango orchid. Barwala, India. 2020.

Labyrinth. Solan, India. 2019.

Near a train track. Zirakpur, India. 2017.

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