work in progress

A sense of place becomes true for me when I experience and realize the place as a cauldron of riddles. I have always been interested in the mystery and memory of spaces. In this ongoing body of work, each photograph is a distinct portrait of the city; a certain reflection of the city’s embodiment of its objects, people and transitory spaces. This project is also a commentary on the dynamism of urban and ecological development, especially the kind we are seeing in “new” India. Growing up in the city of Gurgaon (now called Gurugram), I have seen a rapid and unrelenting change – migration, urbanization, deforestation and increasing affluence with consequent power dynamics – that has shaped the geography and culture of the region. Photographing the place is my attempt to understand its paradoxes and dichotomies. It has been a form of confrontation for my identity and relationship with the place. In the dust of leaves, I see the city, and myself.

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