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The Ballad of John Rose

He wakes up with his head clouded with thoughts about the matters of being. He partially remembers the dream. A sea, a boat and a woman, crowded by thoughts, again. How can he be so flustered in a dream? He feels the waves crashing into him; a woman, holding on to him looking out to the horizon. The sun at its zenith shimmers light on the ship sailing away from them. He is one with the sea, he is one with her. He gets down from the bed, sips on the water only to remember that he’s forgotten this very dream he feels intensely – a beautiful haze.

The world is breaking down around John Rose. He wanders and rambles trying to figure out the meaning of his existence. He is failing, again and again and again…The one question that Rose always has on his mind – Am I the only one like this? Is he the only one who’s so alone in his intentions and actions? Can he not be alone? This dilemma is a burden, Rose loves his solitude. 

Rose is trying to understand the importance and unimportance of life through the things he sees around him. He reveals the world around him in noir photographs of the life he dwells. In Cezanne’s words, he is truly the primitive of the method he has invented. His existence is trying to form into an idea or reality through the aesthetic he is in. His solitude feeds his curiosity but is also killing him.

“So good to see, this world is a lie.”

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